Who We Are

Our team of business systems consultants, trainers and auditors are among the best in the business. We are dedicated to helping businesses from any industry and any size to experience real benefits from their management systems.

We continually focus on our core business goal which is;

To educate, to lead, to inspire…


Our consultants have assisted countless organisations in the development and continuous improvement of their business management systems. Our approach is people oriented and straightforward and we always focus on keeping things simple wherever possible.

Clients are assigned a dedicated consultant who will work with them each step of the way. Post project this consultant will be available to assist with the maintenance and improvement of your management system.


Southpac is a Registered Training Organisation offering diploma courses in management, leadership and auditing as well as Human Factors training, auditors courses, safety management systems training, management and leadership short courses, WHS/OHS training and quality management systems courses.

We are constantly working on improving our training and are able to tailor our service to the various organisations and industries we work with. Southpac has decades of experience providing high-quality training courses facilitated by industry experts in an environment designed to nurture learning.

Our reputation often precedes us and we are proud to invite personnel from any level of an organisation, from any industry, to join one of our training programs. We are able to customise a training program to suit the specific operational requirements of the clients we work with.

Part of The Southpac Group

Southpac Group consists of three brands linked by a common aim of providing excellent training, consulting and auditing services across a broad range of industries. As a group, Southpac offers the services of an enviable list of professionals who are renowned in their field. Southpac aims to lead the industry with our ability to provide world-class services that are both relevant and responsive to customer and industry needs.