Course Dates

The following course dates are scheduled in locations across the region, if you are interested in attending a course in an area not currently scheduled, please let us know. Please contact us for the availability of dates or courses not listed. All courses can be run in-house by arrangement.


HOP & Learning Teams

Brisbane 16th-18th January 2018
22nd-24th January 2018

Systems Lead Auditor Course

Available on an in-house basis, alternatively, notify us of your interest!

Advanced Management & Leadership

Melbourne 9th-13th October 2017*
Brisbane 13th-17th November 2017*
Sydney 4th-8th December 2017*

Systems for Continual Improvement

Melbourne 25th-28th September 2017*
Port Moresby 23rd-26th October 2017*
Brisbane 21st-24th November 2017*
Sydney 11th-14th December 2017*

*Courses run in conjunction with Southpac Aerospace.