What We Can Do

Through the Southpac International Group we are able to offer a wide range of services dealing with all aspects of a management system including human factors, leadership and technical factors.

The following diagram shows how our services are connected and the full range of training, consulting, auditing and aviation specific services we offer:


Systems ExpertiseManagement Systems

  • Auditor courses and diplomas
  • Quality management systems training
  • Safety management systems training
  • WHS/OHS courses
  • Outsourced quality management
  • Third party auditing
  • Gap analysis
  • Regulatory audits
  • Consultancy
  • Systems implementation
  • Supplier and subcontractor audits

Human Factors

Leadership and Management

  • Management and leadership courses and diplomas
  • Systems consultancy
  • Change management training
  • Change management consulting
  • Professional development programs

Technical Factors

  • Aviation law course
  • Accident investigation training