What We Can Do

Through the Southpac International Group we are able to offer a wide range of services dealing with all aspects of a management system including quality, safety, human factors and leadership.

Below is the full range of training, consulting and auditing services we offer:


Systems ExpertiseManagement Systems

  • Auditor courses and diplomas
  • Quality management systems training
  • Safety management systems training
  • Continual improvement and innovation training
  • Investigation training
  • WHS/OHS courses
  • Outsourced quality management
  • Third party auditing
  • Gap analysis
  • Regulatory audits
  • Consultancy
  • Systems implementation
  • Supplier and subcontractor audits

Human Factors

Leadership and Management

  • Management and leadership courses and diplomas
  • Systems consultancy
  • Change management training
  • Change management consulting
  • Professional development programs