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We’re here to help you bring out the best in your people and systems.

Every organisation and the people within it have extraordinary potential to thrive. We believe the key to tapping into this potential is cultivating environments where we can learn and improve. In other words, treating people as human and incorporating system improvements to better support operations.

Southpac International is a contemporary training and consulting company focused on improving work. We aim to help organisations move off the plateau of performance, improve safety and simultaneously enhance outcomes across all other areas of business.

We do this by exploring perspectives and beliefs and facilitating learning and insights. Incorporated with creating engaging spaces, laying foundations to build confidence and capacity and translating theory to application.

Our team are specialists in Human & Organisational Performance, Management Systems and Leadership. As a result, they provide expertise in all three areas as needed to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

At Southpac, we like to do things differently. Consequently, we are proud to be the first company to introduce Human & Organisational Performance (HOP) to Australia and New Zealand.

We work with each organisation to understand how work happens within their organisation. We then assist by guiding decision-makers to reflect, learn and grow. Therefore, harnessing the potential that already exists within its people. Because of that, we can offer a unique perspective and a more organic approach that drives more sustainable results.

Reach out for an initial discussion on how we help businesses increase engagement and enhance performance.

Our Team

Andy ShoneChief Executive Officer
Andy, CEO of Southpac Group, is an active facilitator, lead auditor and consultant. Andy has been helping organisations adopt HOP and Operational Learning since 2014. With the introduction of HOP and new view concepts to the Asia Pacific, Andy has been able to help improve operations and enhance performance…
Becky PictonHOP & Human Factors Specialist
Becky, joining the Southpac team from the UK, was a Senior Human Factors Specialist for the UK’s leading air traffic control services provider. She has taught and delivered extensive training programs centred around safety and human performance.
Alisdair GrahamPrincipal Management Systems Consultant
Alisdair is a highly experienced management systems specialist. With experience worldwide and, more recently, with organisations across Australia, Alisdair develops and implements risk, quality and compliance management systems and business solutions.
Evan ChedailleAssociate Consultant
Evan has a strong background in quality management systems and compliance. His extensive experience covers internal auditing, document management, procedure development and software integration. He has worked with one of Australia’s largest steel companies…
Annemette KilpatrickOffice Manager &
Course Coordinator
Annemette, having worked for Southpac since 2007, is the primary contact for all Southpac clients. She also manages the marketing, coordination, after-course administration, and exam marking of all Southpac courses…
Amanda ShoneSystems Consultant
Amanda is a qualified and passionate business systems consultant. With extensive experience working with various organisations, Amanda’s experience ranges from Government Departments to international boutique agencies. Along with a degree in business, Amanda also has auditing, management, and training…

Certifications, Accreditations & Affiliations

Southpac International have well established management systems and hold ISO9001:2015 Certification.

We have well established management systems and hold ISO9001:2015 Certification.

Southpac Internationals management systems and lead auditor courses are certified by Exemplar Global.

Our management systems and lead auditor courses are certified by Exemplar Global and allow for professionals to gain recognition as Exemplar Global registered auditors.

Southpac International proudly supports the NZISM for health and safety professionals.

We are proud corporate sponsors of the New Zealand Institute of Safety Management (NZISM), supporting better outcomes at work for those in the health and safety profession.

What our Clients say about us

As part of a new Global Safety Strategy, CHEP wanted to move to a more bottom up approach to safety, where those closest to the risks would have the opportunity to design systems of work, that allow them to perform at their best. To help us on our journey in the Australia and New Zealand region, CHEP engaged Southpac to provide expertise in how to take the necessary steps for lasting cultural change. Form our very first meeting, we have found Southpac to be an excellent business partner. They have been very responsive to our needs and have been able to provide the right guidance and assistance. Southpac have the resource and ability to help us create a new future for our work teams, through a learning organisation framework.

Southpac International works along with CHEP - A Brambles CompanyCraig Johnson - Safety, Health & Environment Manager, CHEP
Thank you to Southpac International for delivering an engaging and paradigm-changing virtual training to our business leaders in Asia. The learning materials are fantastic. An excellent job! I am now a total advocate for Southpac services.
Global tech leaders ABB are clients of Southpac InternationalMitchell Cini - Global HSE Operations Manager , ABB

Andy and Amanda Shone from Southpac were engaged to review our current QA system and work with us to have our business ready for ISO 9001 certification. We highly recommend both Andy and Amanda Shone to engage with your business to conduct this works. Thank you both for your tireless efforts bringing us to a level of certification.

Pacific Data Systems were happy to have Southpac review their current QA system and work with their business to be ready for ISO 9001 certification.Pacific Data Systems - Brisbane

Many thanks for your assistance. It was a pleasure working with you. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to others considering earning ISO certification.

Teakle Composites in Brisbane recommends Southpac International to any organisation considering earning ISO certification.Teakle Composites - Brisbane

What we offer

Management Systems
Leadership Development
Southpac International helps organisations to enhance engagement and improve through Human & Organisational Performance, Management Systems and Leadership.

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