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The triumph of bureaucracy in safety management.

Gregory Smith | 2018

“At some point health and safety management seems to have lost its way. Rather than being concerned about protecting workers and others from the hazards associated with business, health and safety management has devolved into a self-perpetuating industry which has driven a wedge between management and the workforce. Health and safety management has become synonymous with trivial rules and burdensome, never ending paperwork.

 This book explores the question of bureaucracy in safety management. What is it, and how does it impact organisational goals for health and safety? The book asks what we can do to better understand and deal with bureaucracy in health and safety management, and ultimately what steps we can take to reconnect management, workers and safety processes to achieve the best safety outcomes we can.”

 (“Paper-safe”, 2018)


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Smith, G. (2018). Paper Safe: The triumph of bureaucracy in safety management.



Bureaucracy, Legal, Process, Purpose, Safety-I and Safety-II


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