HOPLAB is hiring!

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HOPLAB is hiring! Looking for a dream role in Human & Organisational Performance? HOPLAB is hiring, and we're searching the globe for the best talent to relocate to our shores and join our team based in Australia. Southpac International Group and HOPLAB are leading providers of HOP and Operational Learning services across the Asia-Pacific region. We are excited to announce two new opportunities to join our HOPLAB team to lead and contribute to the development and growth of our cutting-edge services. Director of HOP & Safety Innovation We're seeking a Director [...]

A better way to manage your business systems

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A better way to manage your business systems Centralise your document management, automate processes and analyse your systems in real time to maintain compliance all year round – not just at audit time. Many organisations are facing the challenges associated with cumbersome management systems. For example, inefficient processes, ineffective document control and outdated technology. This is in addition to the grave concern of securing data in a cloud-based environment. Southpac, having helped hundreds of organisations implement and improve their management systems, has designed a solution! Let us introduce Southpac Plus - a [...]

Presenting HOP to safety leaders through Industry Partners

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Presenting HOP to safety leaders through Industry Partners Southpac International was recently invited to present HOP and operational learning to various safety leaders from various industries as part of the Industry Partners working group. Despite what many may think, the safety profession is arguably one of the most open to new ways of thinking. This was evident to us at the recent working group on Safety Leadership run by Industry Partners Australia. Southpac International was invited to present to this engaged group of safety leaders on Human & Organisational Performance.  Ultimately, [...]

Southpac launches lead auditor course for all industries

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Southpac launches Lead Auditor Course for all industries Southpac's renowned Lead Auditor training is now available for all industries. Southpac has been running Lead Auditor courses for the aviation and aerospace industry for more than 20 years. Hence why, we are the preferred provider of Lead Auditor training for clients including Qantas, Virgin Australia, Toll Group, Boeing, Airbus, Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and the Australian Defence Force.As management systems specialists, we recognised a gap in quality Lead Auditor training in other industries outside of aviation. For this reason, We aim to develop [...]

Ideas for introducing HOP in Safe Work Month

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Ideas for introducing HOP in Safe Work Month Safe Work Month is an ideal time to introduce the HOP principles. Not to mention, explore how Operational Learning could be part of everyday work. Here's how we are helping organisations to introduce HOP during Safety Month. October is National Safe Work Month in Australia, spotlighting safe work and encouraging discussion around safety. Therefore, It’s an ideal time to introduce the HOP principles, explore Learning Teams, and shift the safety focus from blaming and shaming to learning and improving. Here are some ways we have [...]

Bob Edwards returns for HOP Masterclass Series

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Bob Edwards returns for HOP & Learning Teams Masterclass in 2023 The HOP Coach, Bob Edwards, returns to Australia in March 2023 for a HOP & Learning Teams Masterclass series with the HOPLAB. Following the success of the HOP Masterclass series in 2022, The HOP Coach Bob Edwards is returning to our shores again in 2023. Bob is excited to share his passion and expertise on HOP and organisational resilience. As one of the world's leading names in Human & Organisational Performance and Learning Teams, Bob brings operational value to [...]

Pitching HOP to your organisation

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Pitching HOP to your organisation Are you excited about the benefits Human & Organisational Performance could bring your organisation? But on the other hand, wondering how to convince senior leaders and decision-makers to embrace a new operating philosophy? We've developed a helpful guide to get you started. On any given day, Southpac is contacted by safety professionals looking to start HOP in their organisation. But the common challenge they face is finding how and when to approach their senior leadership or executive team to green-light the process. Human & Organisational Performance is an entirely [...]

Does HOP improve engagement in safety?

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Does HOP improve engagement in safety? A central focus of Human & Organisational Performance is improving engagement with frontline workers. Imagine a workforce that asks to be involved in the process of safety improvement! Here's how it happens with HOP. Keeping the workforce engaged with safety is one of the greatest challenges for safety professionals. Checklists, policies, procedures, manuals, codes of practice, regulations and legislation are all vitally important to the safety framework. Still, they rarely invoke a sense of collaboration, innovation or allow for variability. These are the ‘rules’ of safety [...]

Getting started with Learning Teams

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Getting started with Learning Teams So you've heard about Learning Teams and want to bring the benefits of Operational Learning into your organisation. But it's more complex than asking a group of people to talk about how work happens. Here's what you need to know about successfully getting started with Learning Teams. Learning Teams are a valuable method of Operational Learning if they are run with the proper planning, support and purpose. In fact, incorporating Learning Teams without a foundation built on HOP principles could do your organisation more harm than good. While the [...]

What are the traits of an effective leader?

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What are the traits of an effective leader? The role of the leader is changing from decision-maker to enabler. Knowing when to step in is just as important as knowing when to step back. An effective leader is too often tied to the notion of the hero – the one with the most information, the most wisdom and experience, and the one who makes all the decisions. But in our modern, complex world of work, it’s becoming increasingly impossible to operate in that way. Add to that all of the books, [...]

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