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5 Principles of HOP


5 Principles of HOP? SHOW NOTES There are five principles we really talk about when we engage in HOP. The first being that Error is normal. We are not saying that error is desirable but sometimes it is good. We have made all types of inventions and innovations through trail & error, but it’s an acceptance that people are human and being human, we make mistakes. We forget things, sometimes we can be inattentive, we are human. Rather than trying to stop on the error or creating war on error, trying the achieve [...]

Do you need to throw out everything else to engage HOP?


Do you need to throw out everything else to engage HOP? People have almost been doing 'mis-selling'. You don’t have to throw out all of this stuff. We want to try and change the way people are thinking about safety or normal work which is what we are really trying to get to the crux of and how people think normal work. But they don’t have to dispose of all of the tools and the methods they have always used. Some of the tools and methods have become outdated or they are not [...]

What is the HOPLAB?


What is the HOPLAB? SHOW NOTES The underlying principles of the HOPLAB are to share to collaborate to innovate and to bring people together so they can learn from each other. There’s not that many companies doing this yet. We hope that eventually there will be a lot of companies doing HOP and it will becomes the new social norm. There’s a lot of very large organization trying to do HOP who like the lonely voice in the wilderness. So we want to try and supply them with some support. But also the [...]

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