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3-Day HOP & Learning Teams Course

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3 Day Course
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Quality, Operations, Business & Safety Managers

3-Day HOP & Learning Teams Course

The comprehensive guide to begin HOP in your organisation

Face To Face

Name Date Location Cost Enrol
3 Days HOP & Learning Teams 13 - 15 July 2021 PERTH $1,975.00
3 Days HOP & Learning Teams BNE 23 - 25 August 2021 BRISBANE $1,975.00

LIVE Learning Virtual Classroom

Name Date Location Cost Enrol
3 Days HOP & Learning Teams LIVE 6 - 8 July 2021 VIRTUAL $1,795.00
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The 3-Day HOP & Learning Teams course is the ultimate guide to learning the foundations of Human and Organisational Performance (HOP) and understanding how to apply the philosophy at an organisational level.

Over 3 highly engaging and insightful days, you will develop a working knowledge of the Human and Organisational Performance principles, terminology and methods. The course builds on the foundational aspects Human and Organisational Performance and critical perspectives of safety in day 1 HOP Fundamentals. The following two days are focused on Operational Learning and the Learning Teams method, as well as considering ways of incorporating the HOP approach in your organisation.

Managers from operations, safety, business improvement and quality will find this program both highly engaging and incredibly beneficial personally and for their organisation.

  • 3 days of engaging, energised group discussions and activities, exercises and case studies
  • All course material
  • Takeaway resources to assist you in putting the fundamental concepts to work
  • Refreshments and lunch included each day (during face-to-face courses only)
  • Post-course networking opportunities

Key topics such as blame, error, normal variability, complex coupling of conditions, performance modes, biases and system thinking are covered in enough depth that the participants will be able to put into practice what they learn.

In this course you will be challenged to:

  • Shift beyond a mindset of compliance only, oversimplification of events, root cause, and a linear path to failure
  • Recognise and account for the human condition in work
  • Understand how everyday work happens (and how it usually goes well)
  • Think holistically with a systems approach to failure and success
  • Consider our reaction to failure and the ways we respond
  • Evolve from a reactionary mode to learning and improving proactively
  • Ask questions that foster deeper understanding
  • Critically reflect on current operations and safety paradigms
  • Think strategically about the application of HOP in your organisation

Participants will be able to apply the ideas discussed to their own organisation to improve system stability, reliability and resilience. They will see the importance of building better systems, increasing capacity and improving learning around events and normal work.

Every group has a different yet vital role to play to support the successful adoption of the HOP approach. All require a solid grasp of the philosophy, but the actions required will vary based on position in the organisation. Southpac has developed a suite of HOP and Learning Teams courses focused around the unique needs and challenges of each key group.

Talk to us about the courses that are available in-house by arrangement or as part of a wider HOP engagement.

Southpac International is a contemporary training and consulting company focused on improving work. Our aim is to help organisations move off the plateau of performance, improve safety and simultaneously enhance outcomes across all other areas of business.

We’re here to help you bring out the best in your people and systems.

Our team are specialists in Human & Organisational Performance, Management Systems and Leadership – providing expertise in all three areas as needed to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

We work with each organisation to understand how work happens and guide decision makers to reflect, learn and grow – harnessing the potential that already exists within its people. Because of that, we can offer a unique perspective and a more organic approach that drives more sustainable results.

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Phone: +61 7 5533 9988

Course Details:

Duration: 3 Days

Delivery: Face-to-Face or Virtual

Course Investment:
Virtual $1,795.00 AUD (GST Exempt)
Face-to-Face $1,975.00 AUD (GST Exempt)

Course Summary:

The 3 Day HOP & Learning Teams course is the ultimate guide to learning the foundations of Human and Organisational Performance and understanding how to apply the philosophy at an organisational level.

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What our clients say:

One of the best courses I’ve attended to date. All content was so beneficial. Vanessa and Andy are amazing presenters – so easy to listen to and knowledgeable. 5/5 – although I would give this a 10 if I could! So engaging.


An excellent course and seriously got so much out it. Understanding the HOP Principals was a game changer into how we have approached learning from operations. Highly recommend if you have the chance to attend.


This course was possibly the most engaging, informative and practical course that I have attended for a very long time. We will work to apply the learnings in our workplace.

Wellington, New Zealand

Leaving with far more knowledge and ideas of how to begin HOP. Passionate, knowledgeable and inclusive facilitators. The second two days were most beneficial around Learning Teams and implementation.


The practical examples and presenters’ personal experiences were great.


Great delivery, kept it interesting and challenged thinking. Most benificial for challenging the way we think about blame.

Toowoomba, Qld

I had no idea what to expect, so this has been very insightful. This isn’t a program to implement – it’s a philosophy to be able to integrate into existing practices. Andy and Vanessa are great facilitators.


Really recommend this training from Andy and his team. I would have to say it was the best leadership safety training I have been involved in. Then putting it in action and seeing the results was awesome. Anyone with a slight interest should reach out and discuss with Andy!


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