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20 June 2023
1 Day HOP Fundamentals
11 July 2023
1 Day HOP Fundamentals
25 July 2023
1 Day HOP Fundamentals LIVE

The Human and Organisational Performance (HOP) Fundamentals Course explores safety paradigms in which we operate and introduces the foundational aspects of the HOP philosophy.

Human and Organisational Performance is an operating philosophy that recognises good performance is not only the absence of error, but rather the presence of capacity. It is a systems-based approach leveraging on worker expertise, with a focus on understanding the context and conditions of work.

The HOP Fundamentals Course provides the basis to have robust conversations, with the ability to reflect and explore safety as we know it. It will push your thinking to develop a working knowledge of HOP principles, terminology and approaches. The coursework encourages moving away from a compliance only mindset to asking better questions, seeking to understand how everyday work happens, and involving those who know it best. Latest research relating to the role of safety professionals, safety work and the role of bureaucracy in safety is introduced and explored.

Managers from operations, safety, business improvement and quality will find this program both highly engaging and incredibly beneficial personally and for their organisation.

To ensure you get the most out of this learning experience we provide you with:

  • Learning through engaging, energised group discussions and activities, exercises and case studies
  • Exploring underlying value and belief systems that underpin how organisations manage safety
  • Robust discussion around the paradigms of safety and value-adding activities
  • Debunking myths and exploring truths in human behaviour and work systems
  • Powerful reflection and self-discovery in how we lead safety and operations
  • Takeaway resources and free HOP material to assist you in putting the concepts in action
  • Networking opportunities throughout the course and beyond

Key topics such as blame, error, normal variability, complex coupling of conditions, performance modes, biases and system thinking are covered in enough depth that the participants will be able to put into practice what they learn.

In this course you will be challenged to:

  • Shift beyond a mindset of compliance only, oversimplification of events, root cause, and a linear path to failure
  • Recognise and account for the human condition in work
  • Understand how everyday work happens (and how it usually goes well)
  • Think holistically with a systems approach to failure and success
  • Consider our reaction to failure and the ways we respond
  • Evolve from a reactionary mode to learning and improving proactively

Participants will be able to apply the ideas discussed to their own organisation to improve system stability, reliability and resilience. They will see the importance of building better systems, increasing capacity and improving learning around events and normal work.

Every group has a different yet vital role to play to support the successful adoption of the HOP approach. All require a solid grasp of the philosophy, but the actions required will vary based on position in the organisation. HOPLAB has developed a suite of HOP Fundamentals courses focused around the unique needs and challenges of each key group.

HOP for Senior Leaders
Designed for the most senior positions, this course is available in-house by arrangement or as part of a wider HOP engagement. Talk to us about your training needs.

HOP Fundamentals
The course is available in-house by arrangement and publicly.

HOP for Supervisors
Designed for frontline leaders to understand the philosophy and support its adoption within the organisation, this course is available in-house by arrangement or as part of a wider HOP engagement. Talk to us about your training needs.

HOPLAB has been supporting organisations to adopt HOP and Operational Learning since 2018.

Our HOP Fundamentals and HOP & Learning Teams courses were the first in Australia and New Zealand, and have now grown to attract a global audience of safety professionals interested in learning the foundations of HOP.

We work with each organisation to understand how work happens and guide decision makers to reflect, learn and grow – harnessing the potential that already exists within its people. Because of that, we can offer a unique perspective and a more organic approach that drives more sustainable results.

Contact us now to reserve your seat or discuss your study options.

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Email: [email protected] 

Course Details:

Duration: 1 Day

Delivery: Face-to-Face or Virtual* 
*NOTE: Virtual courses are run in AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) 

Course Investment:
$695.00 AUD (incl. GST) per person

Course Summary:
The course will help you to develop a working knowledge of the HOP (Human Organisational Performance) principles, terminology and methods. Managers from operations, safety, business improvement, and quality will find this program both highly engaging and incredibly beneficial personally and for their organisation.

What our clients say:

This course was possibly the most engaging, informative and practical course that I have attended for a very long time. We will work to apply the learning’s in our workplace…

Wellington, New Zealand

The theory presented in a context of the guiding principles. The principles provide the structure. The practical examples and presenters’ personal experiences were great.


Great delivery, kept it interesting and challenged thinking. Most benificial for challenging the way we think about blame.

Toowoomba, Qld

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