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Upcoming dates for Southpac International's 1 Day HOP Fundamentals Course
Upcoming Course Dates for Southpac's 3 Day HOP & Learning Teams Course
2 Day HOP Masterclass with Bob Edwards
Southpac International's comprehensive Systems Lead Auditor Training
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Southpac International hosts a range of events and courses throughout the year to develop a broader understanding of Human & Organisational Performance (HOP), Management Systems and Leadership. From free introductory sessions and in-depth courses that focus on building your knowledge, to interactive collaborations with leading practitioners from across the industry, see what’s coming up with Southpac.

HOP Courses

Start your HOP journey by building foundational knowledge of the principles and approaches in our 1 Day HOP Fundamentals course, or gain a thorough understanding of all aspects of HOP and Learning Teams in our comprehensive 3 Day course. Learning Teams and HOP Integration are currently part of our 3 Day Course, but can be available on an in-house basis if arranged.

Leadership Courses

Our Leadership courses are specifically developed to assist managers and those responsible for leading others – whether it’s individuals, teams, departments or entire organisations. Importantly, our courses can be applied to leaders in any industry and for anyone interested in expanding their leadership principles – not only those in direct leadership roles.

Management Systems Courses

Southpac’s management systems training courses equip teams and staff to manage and support their organisation’s quality, safety and environmental management systems.

Upcoming Events

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