HOP Fundamentals Courses

HOP Fundamentals Courses


HOP Fundamentals | A contemporary operating philosophy to improve work

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$795 per person
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Name Date Location Cost Enrol
HOPF - 1 Day HOP Fundamentals 7 December 2020 Brisbane, QLD $795.00
1 Day HOP Fundamentals PER 16 March 2021 PERTH $795.00

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Burgeoning bureaucracy, increasing compliance demands often internally imposed and safety performance that in many industries is asymptotic has led many organisations to search for different ways of doing safety. Some organisations have gone so far as to state that their safety efforts have made organisational performance worse while delivering no safety benefit. The HOP Fundamentals course makes a compelling case for change from the current safety paradigm and introduces the HOP Philosophy, including the five principles of HOP.

The course builds on the work of highly influential thinkers and practitioners including Todd Conklin, Sidney Dekker, Erik Hollnagel, Andrea Baker and Bob Edwards.

The course will help you to develop a working knowledge of the HOP (Human Organisational Performance) principles, terminology and methods. You will be challenged to move away from a compliance only mindset (black line thinking) to asking better questions, seeking to understand the blue line of how everyday work happens. Latest research relating to the role of safety professionals, safety work and the role of bureaucracy in safety are introduced and explored. Managers from operations, safety, business improvement, and quality will find this program both highly engaging and incredibly beneficial personally and for their organisation.


Southpac are pleased to offer Human & Organisational Performance Fundamentals Courses across the region led by our fantastic HOP team, course dates are listed above and at our course dates page. See below for H.O.P Fundamentals Course options available in-house.


To ensure you get the most out of this learning experience we provide you with:

  • A full day of engaging, energised group discussions/activities, exercises and case studies
  • All course material
  • Several takeaway materials to assist you in putting the concepts to work
  • All refreshments and lunch included
  • A networking opportunity with ‘Drinks On Southpac’


  1. Error is Normal
  2. Blame Fixes Nothing
  3. Systems (Context) Drive Behaviours
  4. Learning is Vital
  5. Response Matters

Key topics such as blame, error, operational drift, performance modes, and system thinking are covered in enough depth that the participants will be able to put into practice what they learn. Demonstrations, case studies and interactive activities are built into this engaging course. The class discussion moves the focus from error and blame to a more holistic, systems thinking, approach to failure. Emphasis is placed on the importance of operational learning and changing from a reactionary mode to more of a “learn and improve” approach. Thought provoking conversations are held to challenge the notion of a root cause, a linear path to failure and an oversimplification of how both failure and success happen. Participants will be able to apply the ideas discussed to their own organisation to improve system stability, reliability and resilience and will see the importance of building better systems, increasing capacity and improving learning around events.


Every group has a different yet vital role to play to support the successful adoption of the HOP approach. All require a solid grasp of the philosophy, but the actions required will vary based on position in the organisation. Southpac has developed a suite of HOP Fundamentals courses focused around the unique needs and challenges of each key demographic.


HOP for Senior Leaders

HOP for those in the most senior positions

Available in-house by arrangement or as part of a wider HOP engagement.


HOP Fundamentals

Gain a broad understanding of the HOP philosophy


Available in-house by arrangement and publicly. Enrol via this page or the course dates page.

HOP for Supervisors

HOP for frontline leaders. Understand the philosophy and support its adoption in the organisation.

Available in-house by arrangement or as part of a wider HOP engagement.



To educate, to lead, to inspire…

Southpac International has been established to assist organisations and business leaders to get the very best; from their people and from their systems. This involves challenging existing norms and, at times, being willing to do things differently. To continually improve and achieve true innovation as an organisation, people need to be seen as the solution to organisational problems, not the cause. Employees need to be given the opportunity to prove their value and abilities; only when people, clients and other stakeholders are seen as true collaborators and partners will an organisation achieve lasting success.

Southpac International is committed to equipping organisations with the knowledge, skills and tools to be able to create a culture that fosters and develops these approaches. We believe that quality, safety and reliability go hand in hand with effective leadership, strong organisational culture and a happy and empowered workforce.

We believe this passionately and will strive to help your organisation feel the same way. Most significantly however, we strive to educate, to lead and to inspire.

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