HOP Integration

HOP Integration

Your organisations HOP journey and how we can help

Our Approach to Adoption and Integration

For Human and Organisational Performance

Whatever situation your organisation finds itself in, Southpac and our team of outstanding consultants and collaborators can assist you on your Human & Organisational Performance journey.  We can provide support as you progress through the key phases* of the HOP Journey.

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HOP Phases | How We Help:

Discovering HOP


Identifying the need to change and grow.

How we can help:

                  • Executive or Board Level Introduction to HOP
                  • Speaking at Conference & Events
                  • Sharing Inspirational Material Through the HOPLAB

Transformation phase of HOP


Learning and becoming conversant with the HOP philosophy.

How we can help:

Sustain & Improve with HOP


Beginning the vital conversation about the black line and the blue line.  Moving the focus from operator compliance to operator struggle.

How we can help:

Alignment with HOP


Ensuring that management system, policies, processes and practices align with the HOP philosophy.

How we can help:

Preventing with HOP


Developing a focus on critical risk and building the capacity to fail safely.

How we can help:

                  • Independent Learning Teams Support and Facilitation
                  • Field Insights
                  • Critical Controls Course


*We wish to thank The HOP Hub for general terminology used in the HOP phases.

Human and Organisational Performance | Support:

Your organisation may not be ready for a large-scale commitment to HOP or may already have your own program underway in which case you may be looking to Southpac to provide more limited support or assistance along the way. Contact us now to discuss how we can help!

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H.O.P is based upon five following principles; Error is normal, Blame fixes nothing, Systems drive behaviour, Learning is vital, response matters.
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H.O.P Phases | Garnering Leader Interest & Commitment helps indent if you the need to change & grow.
H.O.P Fundamentals include Learning & becoming conversant with the H.O.P philosophy.

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