Case Study: Supporting Energy Development Corp with Learning Teams Coaching

By Becky Picton and Tim Fitch, HOP Facilitators

HOPLAB facilitated Learning Teams coaching in the Philippines with Energy Development Corp

Energy Development Corp, a renewable energy supplier based in the Philippines, has been generating 100% renewable energy for over 40 years. They are one of the biggest producers of geothermal energy in Asia, with a clean energy portfolio that also includes wind, hydroelectric, and solar. HOPLAB began working with the EDC team in 2023, initially supporting their operational safety team with a review of their Learning Teams process.

With a foundational knowledge of Human & Organisational Performance behind them, EDC was well-established with Learning Teams across their operations.

Following our initial review, the HOPLAB team travelled to their sites with a view to driving deeper organisational learning through the lens of Human & Organisational Performance and practical application of Learning Teams.

HOPLAB facilitated Learning Teams coaching in the Philippines with Energy Development Corp

What we did

Over a series of onsite engagements working across four sites, including the Manila Head Office, Mount Apo, Bicol and Negros, our facilitation team trained over 80 HOP coaches and supported EDC to refine their Learning Teams process, focusing on improving learning outcomes.

One of the key highlights of this collaboration was the approach we took with our HOP and Learning Teams training. Instead of traditional classroom-based learning, we implemented a site-based training program. This hands-on approach allowed participants to engage with real-world scenarios, making the learning experience more relevant and impactful.

The format included 2 days of HOP and Learning Teams training followed by 3 days of Learning Teams facilitation and coaching, where participants all had the opportunity to build confidence and practice their new skills on site-based topics. This immersive experience not only enhanced their understanding of the subject matter but also fostered a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Working alongside the teams, we were able to demonstrate the importance of each process in a Learning Team: Planning, Discovery, Soak Time, Recap, Defining & Solutions, and identifying opportunities for improvement.

In particular, we supported the refinement of their Planning session to focus more on identifying the scope of the Learning Team, even down to the details of the room setup and resources required.

What went well

Through onsite coaching, we supported their Learning Teams in real time, providing opportunities for EDC coaches to practice facilitating real Learning Teams – understanding what was working well and which areas needed improvement.

This site-based training approach provided a real value add – leading to the discovery of new and deeper insights into work as done. All the participants were highly engaged, and as these were real-world scenarios, they were able to identify areas of improvement that might have otherwise been overlooked.

Feedback from the participants was always positive, and the cohort took away far more learnings and insights from the improved Learning Teams process than from their previous traditional investigation process.

Energy Development Corp team members facilitating a Learning Team on site

Key takeaway for Becky

“Our Learning Team coaching provided a good opportunity for the EDC coaches to practice facilitating real Learning Teams under a supported setting. These sessions provided actual learnings that could be used by the sites. Being there to provide coaching throughout the Learning Teams allowed for consolidation of the training. It was great to watch the EDC coaches confidence grow throughout the week.”

Key takeaway for Tim

“Even though we visited different sites, it was interesting to see similar challenges being faced. They were all very engaged groups, and it was great to see how keen they were to learn and improve. The understanding of the Blue Line really clicked with each group of workers, even those who weren’t aware of the term before.”

Energy Development Corp team members facilitating a Learning Team on site

Looking ahead

Our next step is to put in place a practice-based Learning Team Facilitator Coaching Framework with EDC to continue to build confidence and mastery in operational learning. This is a testament to both EDC and HOPLAB’s commitment to driving excellence in Human & Organisational Performance.

We look forward to continuing our work with EDC and other partners who are committed to excellence, continuous learning, and improvement.

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