Andy Shone

HOPLAB Collaborator

Andy Shone, CEO of Southpac International, is a HOP Specialist for Australia and New Zealand.

About Andy Shone

HOP Facilitator and CEO of Southpac International

Andy is the CEO of Southpac Group – a multifaceted organisation providing training and assurance services across the Asia-Pacific region. As well as being an active facilitator, lead auditor and consultant, Andy has supported the introduction and implementation of Human & Organisational Performance within a number of large organisations. He has led the development of innovative training and assurance programs covering Leadership, Quality, Safety and Continual Improvement all with a focus on the critical role of people. Andy is a postgraduate of the Griffith University Safety Science Innovation Lab in Brisbane, Australia and is a passionate proponent of cutting-edge leadership concepts and safety science.

Areas of Expertise

  • HOP Fundamentals Training
  • Operational Learning Training
  • Learning Teams Coaching and Facilitation
  • Field Insights Projects

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