Bob Edwards

HOPLAB Collaborator

Bob Edwards is a Human & Organizational Performance Advocate and practitioner, working as a safety leader and helping organizations learn how to better respond to failure.

About Bob Edwards

Human & Organisational Performance Consultant at The HOP Coach

Bob Edwards is a Human & Organizational Performance Advocate and practitioner. His experience includes 6 years in the military, over 10 years as a design engineer, an owner of a design firm, a leader for maintenance and technical support teams and he has worked as a safety leader for the past 8 years. Bob takes his life work experiences and combines them with the Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) philosophies to help organizations learn how to better respond to failure and how to use HOP Learning Teams to gain better operational intelligence and to develop more effective, thorough and sustainable solutions to tough operational problems. Bob has led well over 200 Learning Teams for safety, quality, legal and operational events and has worked closely with Todd Conklin to develop a process to help facilitate Learning Teams. Bob has a BS degree in mechanical engineering from Tennessee Technological University and MS degree in Advanced Safety Engineering Management from the University of Alabama Birmingham.

Areas of Expertise

  • Fundamentals Training
  • Operational Learning Training
  • Learning Team Simulations and Coaching
  • Work-Site Analysis


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