Mark Alston

HOPLAB Collaborator

Mark Alston is a HOPLAB Collaborator with extensive experience in investigations.

About Mark Alston

Facilitator & Host, Investigations Differently

Mark has extensive experience in investigations which commenced as a Federal Agent in the Australian Federal Police. He has developed and implemented systems of work to manage incident reporting and investigation requirements as well as the training of operational personnel and safety professionals in investigation methodology. Throughout his career Mark has worked with a diverse range of organisations including Urban Utilities, Powerlink, First Gas, Southpac International, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Macmahon Holdings, CQMS Razer, and Mitchell Services. Using a combination of the Safety II approach with the principals of Human and Organisational Performance (HOP), his focus is on solutions that work with frontline leadership to support employees at all levels to best enhance operational success.

Areas of Expertise

  • Facilitating leadership and team workshops to drive continuous improvement
  • Simplifying HSEQ to be practical, usable and regulatory compliant
  • Investigation, research and analysis
  • Workshop facilitation

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