Do you need to throw out everything else to engage HOP?

People have almost been doing ‘mis-selling’. You don’t have to throw out all of this stuff. We want to try and change the way people are thinking about safety or normal work which is what we are really trying to get to the crux of and how people think normal work. But they don’t have to dispose of all of the tools and the methods they have always used. Some of the tools and methods have become outdated or they are not very effective. Some of them are just traditions and they don’t even know why they do it. You can say, we you could drop some of these that are not really adding any value anymore but you can start to change the way you do them a little bit. You can improve the way you are doing them. With the ones that are not working at all, you can ask ‘well why are you doing this?’ And if you say, ‘I don’t know its just they way we have always done it.’ Well then maybe you can just ditch that.

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