How do you see performance metrics working with H.O.P?


Metrics are in some case helpful but often cases they drive behavior and drive behavior in ways we did not anticipate, and we were not looking for. It’s really important that we take a good look at what that metric actually means. If you set a goal for people to do, let’s say learning teams and say, ‘you will do 30 learning teams in a year’. You will get 30 learning teams in a year – maybe 31. And the only thing that metric told you is that people are really good at agreeing to what somebody above them has told them should do. It doesn’t tell you anything about the quality of the learning team, doesn’t tell you if people are finding them useful, doesn’t tell you anything about the outcome of that.

We sometimes get stuck around the idea of how do we qualitatively understand these things? And what I would suggest if you don’t have to do too much in terms of getting fancy with metrics, you just have to think about metrics in a different way.

Rather than using metrics to drive behavior, how do we measure the behavior change that is actually happening? You are doing a lot of things that change the assumptions and belief systems within an organization.

What are those new beliefs, what would people do? Edgar Schein would talk about that in his model. What would lead people to do naturally? Whatever leads people to do naturally, let’s measure that. So, we can see if we’re vectoring in the right direction. We’re not setting a goal to try and force behavior though metrics. Instead what behavior is emerging and measuring that and seeing if we’re vectoring and moving. We can make changes if we’re not moving, right? So, we just have to figure out where are we organizationally.

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