WORKSHOP | Learning about Normal Work in Incident Investigations

In this HOPLAB Workshop, Mark Alston from Investigations Differently guides viewers through Blue Line Investigations of real life events.

Topics covered include:

  • Overview of Black Line (work as intended) vs Blue Line (work as done)
  • The conditions in which incidents occur are the same as in normal work
  • How to use generative questions
  • Learning about the work in the field
  • Group activity with interactive whiteboard

Mark Alston | Proudly brought to you by the HOPLAB and Southpac International.

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HOPLAB’S Collaborators

Bob Edwards – Collaborator2021-12-15T10:27:29+10:00
Andrea Baker – Collaborator2021-05-26T10:18:23+10:00
Gary Wong – Collaborator2021-03-08T10:47:22+10:00
Mark McKergow – Collaborator2021-05-19T09:06:39+10:00
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