What Is Coaching?


Being a coach is a popular concept. These days it seems like there is enough people in business, especially in the executive level who have been exposed to coaching in the business context. Everyone knows what a sporting coach is. Especially solo sports like tennis players who have a coach, have a dummy spit and fire the coach and you wonder how they go. their performance doesn’t show that it was a good move. So, coaching is really important in the sporting context, to help teams or individual success and I think the same thing works in business. The trouble is when it becomes sexy, and safety can be sexy and coaching can be sexy we get caught up in the label and forget those important bits like the opt-in and process. if you want to be a coach that’s great, but you have to be careful how you describe yourself. I was having a conversation with some people earlier today about the idea of saying you don’t need to change your title, you don’t need to be called a coach. You don’t need to have a process, you don’t need to have an opt-in. You can start to act like a ninja, and I use that imagery if you like because to helpful for people to go I am going to be stealthy and subtle and quiet and really effective precise and disciplined about taking some concepts, like a coach would – asking great questions, being curious, helping people clarify where they are now and where they want to go. All those good things you can do like a coach does, you don’t need to process and the opt-in to do that. The point is, don’t go out and call yourself a coach tomorrow. If you want to have coaches in your business that’s great.

But that’s not a tomorrow thing or a next week thing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be coach-like and go out there and be like a ninja.

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