What is Human & Organisational Performance?

Humans and organisational performance or HOP is what we do at work. Its work. Its humans and organisations performing. Its not a separate program. We learn from human performance, we learn from LEAN, from any place that brings value. Lean manufacturing has a lot of cool stuff. But HOP pulls it altogether more comprehensively while throwing out the stuff that’s not very helpful and building on the stuff that is helpful. HOP gives us permission as an organisation or leadership team or operational teams to question more.

When we question more what things we are doing that help so lets build on those and what things are we doing that are just a waste of time and start reducing or removing. HOP talks a lot about moving past blame because blame doesn’t seem to fix anything. We can’t stop telling people not to blame, because we blame ourselves when we mess up, but it doesn’t seem to make us any better. So one of the things we use in HOP is moving beyond blame and onto systems that can handle humans. Realising that humans fundamentally come to work to do a good job. So when something bad happens, we really want them to help us how it happened and help us make it better.

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