What is the HOPLAB vision?

One of the things we have to accept with complexity and the emergent future is that we don’t know where anything is going. Four weeks ago we didn’t even know what we wanted to call this. We just had this idea to have a space to bring people together and provide a space to share ideas. But we really didn’t know what it would be called. We ended up naming this the HOPLAB.

I don’t know what we will be doing in twelve months time, but I am pretty confident it will be pretty cool and exciting. What I would really think we have made an impact and we go to do a site visit or an audit and it comes into conversation and people say they have heard of the HOPLAB and we have done a tool box talk or a pre-start meeting and we have used a talk from the HOPLAB event and they have provided some nugget or gem that has resonated with someone. It will mean different things to different people but there will be something that we really need in our company and they have been able to take that video moment and be able to speak about it. So if we get to that point, were [HOPLAB] almost becomes a part of conversations within organizations that need some help, that would be great.

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The goal of the HOPLAB is to help organisations and individuals to learn and reflect

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