What is the HOPLAB?


The underlying principles of the HOPLAB are to share to collaborate to innovate and to bring people together so they can learn from each other. There’s not that many companies doing this yet. We hope that eventually there will be a lot of companies doing HOP and it will becomes the new social norm. There’s a lot of very large organization trying to do HOP who like the lonely voice in the wilderness. So we want to try and supply them with some support. But also the smaller companies who are doing great but no ones knows about HOP. So one already here this week, I had no idea they were already implementing HOP and were having great results. How do we connect that one small business over here with another small business who are really enthusiastic but in their early stages. So HOPLAB is one way for them to get together and say ‘this has been really good for us and we have had great success with this but we have had challenges with that’ and then this company over here who are in an earlier stage can then bring these ideas together. So that’s one part. But also to try and create a space as role of host thought leaders from all over the world who have been for a very long time and haven’t been recognized. Or breaking out into a space with the people we’re already working with and say ‘this is very similar to what you are doing’ or ‘ this is completely different but can add to the conversation we are having with HOP. People have been doing interesting work around HOP but not quite HOP with the same underlying principles so we can bring them to HOPLAB and add to the conversation through the Masterclass Tour which we are really excited about. Which will people from close to home some from far away who will be coming and talking. That is a well as the stories from everyday people and organizations who are kicking goals and having great success with these ideas. Its for the leaders, the people doing the work, work with organizations who we are working with right now. Its bringing all of these different people into one conversation. We can all learn, collaborate and innovate and when we do that we do that we have better outcomes, better solutions is what we are trying to achieve with the HOPLAB.

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The goal of the HOPLAB is to help organisations and individuals to learn and reflect

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