Why should you attend a HOP Workshop?

I love aviation and I fly helicopters a bit so I thought it would be cool to work with people who know a lot about aviation. And now that Southpac has expanded to work more with general industry which is actually my world. So the real value I see in these workshops is the diversity of people coming and they are not huge and that’s good as its hard to have meaningful conversations. Southpac HOP workshops are a good size for people to get involved in the conversation with aviation, mining, regulators. It’s a great way for people to share out ideas. I don’t think anyone has the answer but I think a whole lot of people have good answers to a lot of questions. And a lot of good questions too. I see the value in Southpac’s HOP workshops in the networking, going over the fundamentals while also challenging each other so that so we don’t end up in our own confirmation bias. We don’t have it all figured out and so its good to keep challenging each other. Thanks for having me at the workshops and I recommend that if you haven’t been to a HOP workshop with Southpac, you should go to one, they are GOOD!

Bob Edwards | Proudly brought to you by Southpac International.

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