The Masterclass Tour is a series of events led by thought leaders from across the globe who have collaborated with HOP|LAB to share ideas, practice and experiences about topics related to H.O.P.

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Adaptive Safety

with Gary Wong

A complexity-based approach recognizes Safety is not something created but is an emergent property of a complex adaptive system. Work-as-Imagined does not always match Work-as-Done due to variances in actual working conditions. Gary demonstrates how an anthro-complexity approach uses the power of narrative to detect hidden tipping point signals and anticipate accumulating danger.

HOP & Learning Teams

with Bob Edwards

Bob’s 2-day Masterclass introduces the HOP perspective and takes participants on a journey to understand the five principles. The Learning Team’s approach is explored and demonstrated as a means to generate deep insights into the messy details of work as done. 

Host Leadership

with Mark McKergow

Leadership is typically thought of in heroic terms, the all-knowing, inspiring and motivating leader. Mark’s 3-day Masterclass takes a deep dive into the concept of leading as a host. Host leadership seeks to achieve engagement through an intricate dance of (metaphorically) stepping forwards and stepping backwards.

HOPLAB Webinars

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Human and Organisational Performance (H.O.P.)

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