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Learning Teams Guide

A free, practical guide for anyone looking to start Learning Teams in their organisation, covering when (and when not) to use them, what’s involved and how to get started.

The free Learning Teams Guide from HOPLAB by Southpac International is a practical guide to Operational Learning and conducting Learning Teams.

Better Questions Guide

This guide has been developed to provide you with practical assistance in using better questions to gain better insights into operations.

Southpac International Group and HOPLAB downloadable Better Questions Guide - A handy guide to what your questions can do.

Pitching HOP Guide

Designed for people at any level who are looking to garner the support and interest of others (such as leadership or peers) to consider the HOP approach within an organisation.

Southpac International and HOPLAB'S practical guide for the presenter in Pitching HOP & Learning Teams to an organisation.


Thought leaders share their insights on HOP – from fundamentals to concepts and practices – in these short, informative videos.


Take a deep dive into how HOP happens with these insightful articles that explore the phases, tools and learnings that shape the HOP philosophy.

  • The five principles of Human & Organisational Performance work together to change the way we think about work and how to improve it.

The 5 Principles of HOP

August 2nd, 2021|

The five principles of HOP Published by HOPLAB by Southpac International The role of the safety profession has traditionally been to minimise harm – to control conditions within operations to make work safer. [...]


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