Adaptive Safety 2 Day Masterclass | Complex Adaptive Systems

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Mastering Adaptive Safety in a complexity-based world using the Cynefin Approach.

$1,975 AUD per person

Sold Out!  Hosted 06-07 November 2019


This 2-day Masterclass presents a different yet pragmatic perspective.  A complexity-based approach recognizes Safety is not something created but is an emergent property of a complex adaptive system.
Work-as-Imagined does not always match Work-as-Done due to variances in actual working conditions. When facing an unexpected change, people will adapt their actions accordingly. In most cases,
adjustments will enable Safety to emerge. However, it’s also possible that Danger may inadvertently emerge. If a tipping point is reached, then a negative consequence happens. An anthro-complexity approach uses the power of narrative to detect hidden tipping point signals and anticipate accumulating danger.  Underlying patterns in narratives can be analyzed to understand how system constraints impact C-suite to Front-liner behaviours but more importantly, attitudes.  Narratives (stories, voice recordings, photos) can be collected as data for a one-time project. A strategic application is a continuous flow or pulse which creates a powerful 24/7/365 human sensor network.  Safety culture can be defined as the emergent set of stories acted out everyday. By experimenting with constraint changes, we can influence complex relationships and interactions resulting in “more stories like these, fewer like those.” A real-time digital dashboard monitors the human sensor network and thus the evolution of the safety culture.


DAY 1 Why: The 21st century is different (8:30am – 4:30pm)
– 3 systems: Order, Chaos, Complex
– Complex adaptive systems
– Cynefin™ Framework
– Mapping Today’s safety solutions
– Evolution of Safety Thinking
– Age of Cognitive Complexity

What: Safety Strategy
– Strategy as Cynefin™ Dynamics
– Robustness & Resilience
– Risk & Resilience

DAY 2: How (8:30am – 4:30pm)
Pulse: Work-as-done
– Narrative as data
– Distributed ethnography
– Mapping safety issues

Sense: Attitudes as lead indicators
– Sensemaker® process
– Constraints
– Narrative landscapes
– Human sensor network

Evolve: Safety Culture
– Vector direction (HOP, Safety Differently)
– Safe-to-fail experiments
– Nudging (Behaviour Economics)
– Scaling by Fractal Cynefin™


After the Masterclass, participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate why the Safety industry is what it is today
  • Explain why major catastrophes will happen more frequently
  • See why gathering data using narratives is preferred over traditional surveys and interviews
  • Determine what is an appropriate safety strategy to deploy
  • Understand how to shape an organization’s safety culture


Managers, professionals, technicians, and associates involved in planning and delivering safety programs.


No prerequisite required as a basic introduction to complexity science and the Cynefin framework is included.
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Gary Wong

Adaptive Safety 2 Day Masterclass is designed to help you master Adaptive Safety in a complexity-based world using the Cynefin Approach

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Gary Wong

Gary is a professional engineer with a Masters of Business Administration Degree from UBC.
He has over 45 years of experience which began in the electric utility industry working in engineering, line operations, corporate consulting and training roles. He later joined Ernst & Young Consulting (now
Capgemini Consulting) as a Senior Manager in Strategy & Transformation. Gary has operated his own independent consulting practice over the past decade focusing on complexity thinking and safety.
He is a Cynefin Associate with Cognitive-Edge Inc. and has coauthored and delivers complexity courses and workshops. Other notable certifications include a FranklinCovey 7 Habits trainer and an Edward de Bono Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking instructor.

Find more about Gary Wong at Gary Wong & Associates

As a professional engineer with an operations background, Gary Wong enjoys working with business professionals and technically-oriented clients.

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