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Right, there is a hierarchy, there is a chain of command. But no single person in a complex environment, and we all work in complex environments are physically, or emotionally or intellectually capable of paying attention 360 degrees to everything that going on. That’s why I hate having to do so much reading as there is a loss of situational awareness.
I guarantee that what some people think really count and are trying to keep themselves safe they will do a very, very good job at paying attention to things that they think are essential for that operation. Often the things that come in and surprise them are the things that cause the problem. Then we are left to think, ‘oh, have they only been paying attention to that thing?’. So, having that leadership structure, and that communication among the team that allows people to realize our limitations.
I think situational awareness is a fantastic forward-looking value, like here’s the situation, how limited are we as a team to pay attention to that situation? How are we going to divide it up? Situational awareness has a horrible retrospective value. Because I guarantee you if they knew that the thing that is about to harm them, is the thing they should be paying attention to in that moment they would have put everything else down and taken care of that problem.

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