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Southpac International and HOPLAB - HOP Stories of Josh Bryant and Dan Kopacz meeting

Josh Bryant, the General Manager of People and Risk and Mitchell Services has been keeping in touch with Dan Kopacz, the Principal Investigations and Assurance Specialist at Energy Queensland.
Dan and Josh have been keeping in touch since completing the HOPLAB Masterclass Host Leadership with Mark McKergow in 2018.  As their businesses operate in different fields, there was an unlikely chance the two would ever meet without this course encounter.  Their chance meeting lead to many conversations which turned into a collaborative site visit.  Josh went to Townsville to meet with Dan who was facilitating a learning team within Energy Qld.  Their mutual motivation to understand how others are engaging H.O.P was driving this encounter, so it’s not surprising that they both felt their catch-up was a constructive one.   Dan showed Josh how Energy Qld utilise the H.O.P principles and Josh illustrated how Mitchell Services implement H.O.P principles and operational learning.  Their meeting had the desired effect of encouraging a more contextual understanding of the H.O.P path, no matter what business model you are in.  No one H.O.P story fits all businesses.  That’s what makes H.O.P unique, and exciting!

We are very excited to see our course participants sharing, collaborating and innovating ways to learn, network and create H.O.P, unique to their organisational requirements.  Thanks to Josh for reaching out to us with this story, and we encourage anyone else to share their H.O.P journey or connections made with us!

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