WORKSHOP | Learning about Normal Events in Incident Investigations


WORKSHOP | Learning about Normal Work in Incident Investigations In this HOPLAB Workshop, Mark Alston from Investigations Differently guides viewers through Blue Line Investigations of real life events. Topics covered include: Overview of Black Line (work as intended) vs Blue Line (work as done) The conditions in which incidents occur are the same as in normal work How to use generative questions Learning about the work in the field Group activity with interactive whiteboard Mark Alston | Proudly brought to you by the HOPLAB and Southpac International. [...]

What do we do when investigating events?


What do we do when investigating events?  There is a quote from Todd Conklin which really sticks with me & that is ‘Telling me an event or incident was caused by a worker who failed to follow procedure is like telling me that something fell due to gravity’. It’s always true, it just doesn’t tell me anything. I really love that. I see it so often in organisations where they have an unwanted “event” and they do an investigation & it comes back with a workers fail to follow procedure. And that is where [...]

What is Industrial Empathy?


What is Industrial Empathy? I first heard about Industrial Empathy from Andrea Baker. She is doing a lot of work in this field too and she and Todd Conklin and I have done a bunch of work together. And she coined that phrase and she said it seemed like as we listen and learn and respect the people that are getting work done and instead of thinking they are the problem to be solved but they are really the ‘problem solver’ as Dekker says. We are creating Industrial Empathy. If I walk a [...]

What is Operational Humility?


What is Operational Humility? In the world of human performance, I have heard this term a bunch called chronic and ease. I think it is saying don’t be too comfortable. I presented this to a plant manager and what they said is that even if our numbers are great, we probably ought to have some ‘operational humility’. Not because our numbers are great and we’re perfect. But maybe because our numbers are great, we need go ‘kick the tires’ a bit more to see if in fact we are great and there is [...]

Where is the ONE place to start using HOP?


Where is the ONE place to start using HOP? If an organisation was just starting on this journey and still very much in Safety I am thinking, probably the most valuable thing we can do is sit down with the leadership and have a conversation and say where do you think your organisation is now, where do you want to go, do you think as a leadership team you’re interested in looking at things a little differently and show them what differently is. Have a conversation around error tolerance and error capacity. Have [...]

5 Principles of HOP


5 Principles of HOP? SHOW NOTES There are five principles we really talk about when we engage in HOP. The first being that Error is normal. We are not saying that error is desirable but sometimes it is good. We have made all types of inventions and innovations through trail & error, but it’s an acceptance that people are human and being human, we make mistakes. We forget things, sometimes we can be inattentive, we are human. Rather than trying to stop on the error or creating war on error, trying the achieve [...]

H.O.P Round Table Discussion | Part 5


H.O.P Round Table Discussion | Part 5. SUMMARISED SHOW NOTES | PART 5Perspectives on the five H.O.P principlesAB: There is a point of no return isn’t there?AB: None recoverable error that within a process, not always but you can find in some processes a defined point where you can no longer recover from error fast enough. Things are happening too fast. Once you jump out of the plane… but there is also and equally as important where you would not know where that point is. It starts to occur organically. Because of other [...]

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