H.O.P Round Table Discussion | Part 4.


H.O.P Round Table Discussion | Part 4. SUMMARISED SHOW NOTES | PART 4Perspectives on the five H.O.P principlesAB: One of the quotes that I like from Todd [Conklin] is caused by error, and not following procedure is like saying like saying an object fell due to gravity. While it’s true, it just doesn’t tell us very much. [Sometimes] people get confused and say, “You are condoning that people are not following procedures.” No, the idea is that it is normal [to have error] and if you are not surprised by it, then you [...]

H.O.P Round Table Discussion | Part 2.


H.O.P Round Table Discussion | Part 2. SUMMARISED SHOW NOTES | PART 2 Perspectives on the five H.O.P principles What Is An Operating Philosophy And What Does That Look Like? AB: If we had to break it down, there are five principles or beliefs and sure you can organise it in different ways. Error is first, error is normal. Second one is blame fixes nothing. MY: It feels good. There’s a unique kind of production pressure when there has been a mishap. production pressure happen snot matter what we do. But [...]

H.O.P Round Table Discussion | Part 1.


H.O.P Round Table Discussion | Part 1. SUMMARISED SHOW NOTES. What is H.O.P? AB: Lets start with a combination of behavioural psychology and designing systems / the socio-technical interface and understanding how people exist in the same system as mechanical things with all the information that we need to best work within that system while working within the confines and amazing adaptations and abilities of humans. So H.O.P is learning how best that can all work together and optimise how we function. What is H.O.P like? What can we compare it [...]

What are the qualities of a good coach?


What are the qualities of a good coach? SHOW NOTES: The qualities of a good coach are really aligned with some of a principles that come out of HOP. So I think the idea of actually saying to say to someone – and this is difficult to say to someone, you are the solution to your own problems. And that’s really difficult and often where coaching and mentoring get confused. Where a mentor is someone who’s been in your position before, and someone will come to you and they say ‘listen I have [...]

Is there a stigma attached to the safety profession?


Is there a stigma attached to the safety profession? SHOW NOTES. When I ask health and safety people about that, in the session on the HOP course we did today I called a comment not to mistake operational people with safety people because that’s an insult. And all the safety people in the room [gasped]! And when I talked to the safety people afterwards I asked them how proud you are to say when you go to a BBQ that you are a safety person. Then they go ‘oh yeah, I get it’. [...]

What Is Coaching?


What Is Coaching? SHOW NOTES.Being a coach is a popular concept. These days it seems like there is enough people in business, especially in the executive level who have been exposed to coaching in the business context. Everyone knows what a sporting coach is. Especially solo sports like tennis players who have a coach, have a dummy spit and fire the coach and you wonder how they go. their performance doesn’t show that it was a good move. So, coaching is really important in the sporting context, to help teams or individual success and I [...]

What is safety practice, differently?


What is safety practice, differently? SHOW NOTES.Dave Provan has done some amazing work, in fact a PHD on the first time to look at beliefs and perceptions of safety people, safety professionals. Putting aside the argument about whether safety is a profession or not there are people who work in safety and call themselves safety people. Dave has a fantastic depth of knowledge around the research that pulls from all sort of disciplines. Which range from the culture and institutional logic space to organizational design and development. From personal and professional development sphere from individual [...]

Who’s reaching out to engage with you?


Who’s reaching out to engage with you? SHOW NOTES.Safety on Tap is best known for the Safety on Tap podcast. What we started with is not what we started with. But its really a mechanism for me to help put messages that I have been putting out in the world as a coach and mentor.Andrew Barrett | Proudly brought to you by Southpac International.Contact Southpac International today for innovative H.O.P courses.+61 7 5533 9988 | [email protected]

Is telling scary stories a good way to make people safer?


Is telling scary stories a good way to make people safer? I, tell stories about accidents. I tell stories about disasters because telling stories of disasters is much more fun at parties than telling stories about risk assessments.The underlying deep reason I do it is because I want people to understand the complexity of accidents. To understand that not that it could be you, but the people who have accidents are not evil people, are not people who don’t care. They are people living and experiencing their work when disaster strikes.There’s an opposite darker side [...]

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