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Basically, someone in the leadership position whether reconfiguring team each day, somebody else might be ‘the leader’ or more formalized with a crew lead, a supervisor, but that person has a vision of the work that needs to be done and making sure they are communicating it to the other people who are going out to do the work. “Here’s what I think we’re up against. Here’s what I am concerned about and how I think we should do it and here are the things I think we really need to pay attention to that might harm us. Now talk to me.” The people who do this very well spend a lot of time on that ‘now talk to me’ portion. Even making it clear to the most junior person on that team, that its absolutely expected of them to speak up. We pay lip service to this all of the time, but until you actually do it, but until you put it into practice over and over again it doesn’t make much sense.
It’s one thing to tell somebody “You’re new on this group, what we do is important and sometimes dangerous. We want you to speak up if you see us coming up with a bad plan or doing something wrong.” And it’s another thing completely to test it.

To set them up and put them into a position to intentionally come up with a bad plan just to see if they will call us on it. And often they don’t, so we call them on that. Hey, we just came up with a bad plan and we told you to speak up and you didn’t. From now on, they will do it. The funny thing is if you do that enough, you’ve given them that space and the permission to do it, later on you will be coming up with what you think is a brilliant plan and get to a certain point and that junior person will look at you and ‘ah, I know what you’re doing, you’re coming up with a another ridiculously and dangerously stupid thing aren’t you?’ And then of course your answer is ‘well yes, that was a test.’ 🙂
You have to walk the walk, you have to demonstrate it and test it.

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