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Safety professionals have a choice to make sometimes. Of course, they have many things to do like everyone else does. And if they find themselves in a place in compliance and enforcement and this happens in every organizations, ‘this month we are going to pay attention to this thing’ and make sure we’re taking care of this. Over time, the safety function can be seen as less of an assist function or support function and more like enforcement and compliance function and I don’t think that’s a good space. I think that safety professionals coming in with an open mind, and an appreciation that maybe they have not done this particular work that you’re doing, but I am here to understand it and to be a conduit for communication to get to the things that you need to get you to do your job more safely. Letting people know there is a tremendous amount to be learned from things that don’t quite as we expected them to.

That’s where we really need to pay attention. That’s why the after action or after effort review of some sort is a really valuable place, even when things go well; looking and seeing how this is different to how we envisioned. When safety programs and management are involved in that space, they tend to come away with much better information about how to get better.

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