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There’s a healthy sense of unease which is a depending on the type of work that you do because I could tell you some wonderful statistics about operations that I worked in for many, many years and continue to go for many years without bad events which is almost remarkable. But I am almost nervous, and I get choked up saying that to you, because to me, that almost sounds like I am saying to you that we are so good at this, that it never happens. The people that I work with doing these things, wake-up kind of afraid every day. We’re often also feeling lucky, but lucky is not something you can manage easily. you never want to sit back and rest on our laurels and our accolades. Constantly being a bit nervous, not paralyzed by nervousness, but being a bit nervous and appreciating hat every single thing that we do is not is not the same as everything we’ve have done before. They are very similar but everything is a bit different. There is no such thing as a routine call or a routine matter.

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