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An operational Quality Management System (QMS) is a fundamental requirement for continuous improvement in your construction organisation.   It is activated the day your project begins and continuously updates throughout your journey with us.  The effort required to maintain your QMS will assist to mitigate all forms of construction risks while providing systematic solutions for procurement and tendering.  Having a ‘quality focus’ will increase the chance for better safety, systems and assurance to your stakeholders.  We can assist construction managers with building, managing and maintaining systems that will support their business and their growth without affecting the time-sensitive nature of their projects. Our construction experts have extensive experience with QMS construction and construction safety consulting which addresses compliance to risk management in construction project tendering and management. Our team of consultants in construction, trainers and auditors are experts who have worked at varying positions within the industry from ‘on the tools’ to senior and management roles. These carefully selected team members remain sensitive to the specific time constraints, deadlines and regulatory demands within the sector.  This includes health, safety and environmental considerations which require experiential knowledge and experience dealing with the different parties and interest groups involved.  Their industry know-how can keep your project on track without taking valuable resources away from where they are needed most.

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We would love to speak with your personally about your training, consulting and outsourcing needs as well as the specific regulatory and other requirements that affect your organisation or job site. Contact us and speak to one of our team or fill in the enquiry form and we’ll be in touch soon.

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