Southpac International Provides Highly Sensitive Solutions for High Hazard Industries

Some industries not only have regulations to follow for the betterment of the work environment, but for the safety and protection of human life. Working in high risk environments can include working with asbestos, explosives or diving and may involve extremes of temperatures, falling from heights, confined spaces and the usage of chemicals or other poisonous substances.

Because licencing and other regulations are an important part of working with high risks your systems, training and documentation can include all standards and regulations that apply to your organisation – simplifying the process wherever possible. The control, regulation and management of organisations that perform high hazard work involves precision, sensitivity and experiential understanding.

Southpac has auditors who have worked in highly regulated, time sensitive and high hazard environments and can empathise, understand and relate to the clients we work with.

Quality Solutions for High Hazard Industries


We would love to speak with your personally about your training, consulting and outsourcing needs as well as the specific regulatory and other requirements that affect your organisation or job site. Contact us and speak to one of our team or fill in the enquiry form and we’ll be in touch soon.

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