Southpac International: Specialist Solutions for SME’s

Southpac had its start as a small family business run from home, we have grown but we haven’t forgotten the priorities, needs and concerns of small business owners. We want to make management systems, quality training and accreditation achievable to as many businesses as possible by helping SME’s to discover these benefits these systems can offer. We can tailor any of our services to suit the dynamics and requirements of any organisation; from 1 employee to 10,000.

Working in a small business means workings as a team, getting to experience the full scope of the company, to get your ideas heard and to get real hands-on experience. Individual input will have a visible impact on the running and performance of the business and we work with you to ensure results are experienced at each level of the organisation.

There are less likely to be individual departments for every function so we recognise the need to make our meetings and interactions short and to the point, to keep the project on track and ensure the best use of everybody’s time. We can equip those involved in the project to be able to cope with a variety of tasks and will provide a clearer understanding of the business as a whole. They are also likely to be less hierarchical and so we will be in regular contact with senior members of the organisation.

‘Go-to-Woah’ Approach

Our consultants will work with you from the beginning to end of the process. Our typical scope of work for SME businesses involves;

  • Full Gap Analysis
  • Dedicated Project Manager who will be available throughout the entire project and will attend all meetings
  • Writing the final quality manual
  • Set quality policy and objectives
  • Mapping of key processes
  • Review and update all mandated and key procedures
  • Survey key customers
  • Host or assist with the first management review meeting
  • Review, update and write any required technical documentation including key workflows and procedures
  • Training for all staff involved in ongoing management of the system
  • Final ‘practice audit’ walk-through of the system to ensure you are prepared for a certification audit
  • Draft processes & documentation
  • Ongoing Quality Services such as training, ongoing management of your systems, customer related processes and third party auditing

Our Approach for Small Businesses

  • Always being professional & reliable,
  • Lean & practical in our approach,
  • Process based, providing systems based on YOUR processes not the standards,
  • Adding value in all we do,
  • Flexible to the needs of our clients and in the interpretation of the standards,
  • Continually improving our own quality, processes and knowledge,
  • KISS – Keeping it simple stupid!

We understand the nature of tendering for work.

Fast track your implementation & be job ready.

For businesses wanting to win tenders for government contracts and large private organisations, ISO 9001 Certification has become a must. We recognise the complexity and pressure around the tendering process and we want to give small and medium sized organisations the best possible position to succeed.

For those in highly competitive industries, ISO Certification can be not only a prerequisite to tendering but also a valuable competitive advantage.

Southpac is able to fast track the implementation process for businesses with a tight timeframe due to tendering. We will work around the clock to get the job done on time and in a way that clearly demonstrates your organisations commitment to continual improvement.

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