Integrated Management System:
Integrate 4801 and 14001 to your ISO 9001 Management System

Do you require an ASNZ 4801 or ISO 14001 consultant in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, or throughout Australia? For companies wishing to implement an integrated management system that includes ISO 9001 with ISO 14001 and/or ASNZ 4801, Southpac International is able to coordinate the entire project and work alongside one of our partner companies who specialise in your standard of choice. We recognise the importance of working with experts to ensure your systems are implemented in a way to ensure you get the maximum benefits from the process. Working with the best allows us to maintain a high standard of consulting solutions that offer the best solutions to our clients.

Ensuring you are compliant with standards relating to environmental management can become a stressful process for some companies, and it is worth taking the extras measures to get professional advice and assistance. When you contact Southpac International, you get the benefit of:

  • You will have one point of contact and one company coordinating the entire process
  • Specialised experts who work exclusively with their particular standard – rather than working with a company who can implement each standard, Southpac International offer you experts with extensive experiential knowledge
  • Southpac International can handle the entire project including all administration
  • The implementation process is simple – we follow the same format for all systems implementation

Whether you are located in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, an ASNZ 4801 or ISO 14001 consultant can cater to your needs. For more information on integrated management systems, please call 07 5533 9988.