Learning Teams
Facilitation & Coaching

Build internal confidence and capacity to run Learning Teams with the support of our experienced coaches.

With proper planning, resources and support, Learning Teams can be a highly effective method of operational learning providing a safe space for workers to share valuable insights and create innovative solutions to improve how work is done. Our team work directly with organisations to co-facilitate Learning Teams and provide real-time coaching to build the capacity of internal teams, to ensure the best possible outcome for the time, cost and effort invested in running Learning Teams.

How we help

The decision to introduce Learning Teams is not often taken lightly by organisations adopting Human & Organisational Performance. Creating the foundations for Learning Teams to be successful is often one of the most challenging obstacles. Even with a firm grounding in the HOP principles, many organisations can still be missing the traits needed to ensure Learning Teams are being used effectively.

With the experience of our Learning Teams facilitators, we can combine Learning Teams training with co-facilitation and direct coaching – working with teams during active, site-based Learning Teams to build capacity in real time. Working alongside your teams allows us to demonstrate the importance of each process in a Learning Team – from planning, to discovery, soak time, recap, defining and solutions, through to identifying opportunities for improvement.

What do Learning Teams provide?

A Learning Team is a facilitated conversation with field experts to share their insights, experiences and stories about their work. The outcome is a holistic understanding of how they navigate every-day operations, with a positive focus on building system resilience.

The context-rich information gained from this process identifies the real problems, where systems may be brittle and what is working well, which fosters decisions and actions that are relevant to building system resilience. Learning Teams provide a collaborative approach to improve and enhance operations, capacity and rigour around critical controls. The true strength of Learning Teams is that the focus is on normal operations.

While this can be useful in incident response activities, they can be used at any time to learn, providing a proactive means to safety management.

Learning Teams can generate reports and actions much like traditional safety activity methods, however the real benefits are seen in the engagement and commitment generated. There is a basic human need to be heard, understood and included. Learning Teams provide a platform for this to happen, and the stories shared post-learning team sessions can be transformational. The depth of learning and insight from the process enables better comprehension of problems, creating effective solutions and allows for informed decision making.


See how our team supported Energy Development Corporation with Learning Teams Coaching.

HOPLAB facilitated Learning Teams coaching in the Philippines with Energy Development Corp

Our Facilitation Team

Get to know our team of experienced Learning Teams Facilitators.


HOP & Human Factors Specialist

Becky joined the HOPLAB team from the UK, where she was a Senior Human Factors Specialist for the UK’s leading air traffic control services provider. She has a master’s degree in psychology and has taught and delivered extensive training programs centred around safety and human performance, including one-to-one and group resilience and human performance coaching. Becky has developed a passion for human-centred system design, optimising human performance, and coaching & mentoring throughout her career. Since joining the HOPLAB, Becky has travelled all over Australia, New Zealand and the globe supporting clients to adopt HOP and Operational Learning, so much so that her friends think she may actually be an international spy!


HOP & Safety Innovation Specialist

Tim is an accomplished Workplace Health and Safety professional with over 10 years of experience developing, implementing, and managing health and safety systems across the mining and construction industries. He has successfully integrated HSE systems and people-centric safety engagement programs, including Human & Organisational Performance. Tim is highly skilled in translating and delivering training to diverse audiences, effectively leading capacity building initiatives whilst demonstrating strong communication and influencing skills to inspire, motivate, and mentor others. He is now channelling his passion facilitating the delivery of HOP and Operational Learning to likeminded HSE professionals.

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