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We have designed our HOP Fundamentals & HOP Learning Teams Course to be as intensive or as flexible as you like.
Join us for one day to learn the Fundamentals, complete the full 3-Day program back-to-back or spread out your training over three consecutive weeks. It’s training, your way.

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In a time of rapid change and uncertainty, and in response to the emerging needs of our clients and community, Southpac is pleased to announce the launch of our Live Learning through Virtual Classrooms Initiative.

Our globally renowned face to face courses, that are synonymous with thought leadership and workplace relevance, are now available from anywhere on the globe in a real-time virtual classroom.

We are pleased to offer a solution that not only addresses some of the specific challenges of today but also opens enormous possibilities and opportunities for tomorrow.

It may seem like there would be more opportunity for participation and engagement in a traditional classroom setting, but this is not necessarily true. There are many ways to interact in virtual classrooms through direct interaction with the trainer and fellow classmates, as well as additional chat and rating features, along with highly engaging breakout rooms and interactive whiteboards.

These days, people expect fast, convenient, engaging ways to learn in their workplace. So, this is an exciting path to ensure we provide meaningful, engaging and intuitive training.

A virtual classroom enables learners from all over the region and beyond to come together in a highly interactive virtual classroom, greatly reducing the time, travel, and expense of traditional training programs.


The Benefits

  • Highly Interactive – LIVE Learning through our Virtual Classrooms provides the same interactive experience that you’d expect from a Southpac course, but with the advantage of increased participation & engagement
  • Flexible – Learners have the freedom to absorb content and engage with peers, at a time and location that suits them best
  • Easy Mobility – Participants can learn and engage on several different devices, wherever there is internet
  • Engaging tools – surveys, whiteboards, breakout group work
  • Supportive Network – Learners who may not be as comfortable with interacting in-person, gain the opportunity to contribute easily and confidently
  • Cost savings – Organisations and individuals benefit from significant savings i.e. travel, flights, accommodation and per diems


Minimum Requirements for Video Conferencing

System Allowances

  • An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE)
  • Camera, speakers and a microphone – built-in or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth
  • Devices to access virtual training could include – desktop, tablet, laptop or smartphone.

Go here for further Zoom system requirements 


To educate, to lead, to inspire…

Southpac International has been established to assist organisations and business leaders to get the very best; from their people and from their systems. This involves challenging existing norms and, at times, being willing to do things differently. To continually improve and achieve true innovation as an organisation, people need to be seen as the solution to organisational problems, not the cause. Employees need to be given the opportunity to prove their value and abilities; only when people, clients and other stakeholders are seen as true collaborators and partners will an organisation achieve lasting success.

Southpac International is committed to equipping organisations with the knowledge, skills and tools to be able to create a culture that fosters and develops these approaches. We believe that quality, safety and reliability go hand in hand with effective leadership, strong organisational culture and a happy and empowered workforce.

We believe this passionately and will strive to help your organisation feel the same way. Most significantly however, we strive to educate, to lead and to inspire.

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