Bob Edwards returns for HOP & Learning Teams Masterclass in 2023

The HOP Coach returns to Australia in March 2023 for a HOP & Learning Teams Masterclass series with the HOPLAB.

Following the success of the HOP Masterclass series in 2022, The HOP Coach Bob Edwards is returning to our shores again in 2023 to share his passion and expertise on HOP and organisational reslience. As one of the world’s leading names in Human & Organisational Performance and Learning Teams, Bob brings operational value to front-line employees while providing all levels of management insight into the messy complexities of everyday work.

Bob’s experience in HOP has benefited countless organisations that he has worked with in the US and internationally, and we’re excited to have him share his knowledge in his first Australian tour in two years this coming June. Together with Southpac International’s HOPLAB, Bob will deliver his 2-Day HOP & Learning Teams Masterclass in Brisbane and Perth, giving safety leaders around the country the chance to learn from his engaging and practical style.

Even those who have attended a HOP or Learning Teams course in the past will benefit from hearing from Bob directly, as he brings new information to light and reflects on his own personal failures and successes. Key topics such as blame, error, operational drift, performance modes, and systems thinking are covered in enough depth that the participants will be able to put into practice what they learn.

2-Day HOP & Learning Teams Masterclass

Prepare to deep dive into your current organisational governing principles and attitudes, generating a seismic shift in how you respond to both success and failure.

Over two highly informative and engaging days, the basic HOP principles are explored, along with demonstrating how to improve operational learning through the Learning Teams method.


20 & 21 March, 2023


23 & 24 March, 2023

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