HOPLAB hits Singapore in 2023

The HOPLAB team are heading to Singapore in 2023 for the first HOP course offered in South East Asia in several years.

Singapore, HOP is coming to you in 2023!

HOPLAB, the leading providers of Human & Organisational Performance training, will be running HOP courses in Singapore in May, opening up the benefits of HOP and Learning Teams to the many global oil and gas corporations operating in the South East Asian nation.

CEO of Southpac International and HOPLAB founder, Andy Shone, said it was exciting to get back to Asia and particularly to the key hub for oil and gas, as the momentum for HOP continues to grow around the world.

“While we are in the heart of Asia-Pacific, this will be the first HOP course run by HOPLAB in Singapore, and we’re excited about the potential to build HOP capacity and knowledge within the organisations that operate in this global hub,” he said.

“The last few years have seen us launch virtual HOP training to capture a wider global audience for our HOP and Learning Teams courses, but with HOP especially, being face-to-face really deepens the learning and creates a more engaging and valuable environment for participants.”

The courses are suited to a wide range of professionals from high risk industries, including safety leaders, managers, supervisors and operational personnel who want to learn new principles and tools for improving performance.

HOPLAB will run a 1-Day HOP Fundamentals course on May 15, and a 3-Day HOP & Learning Teams Course from May 15-17.

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