Presenting HOP to safety leaders through Industry Partners

Southpac International was recently invited to present HOP and operational learning to various safety leaders from various industries as part of the Industry Partners working group.

Despite what many may think, the safety profession is arguably one of the most open to new ways of thinking.

This was evident to us at the recent working group on Safety Leadership run by Industry Partners Australia. Southpac International was invited to present to this engaged group of safety leaders on Human & Organisational Performance.  Ultimately, to provide an understanding of how to build HOP principles into their organisations.

Safety leaders from various multi-national corporations, including VISY, Coca Cola, and Dyno Nobel, discussed enhancing safety culture and improving work. As founders of the HOPLAB, Southpac International provided an overview of the five principles of HOP.  In particular, how these relate to the challenges faced by each of the industries represented in the working group.

Along with presentations and group discussions, the cohort also enjoyed a tour of the Century Yuasa Batteries factory south of Brisbane. It was fascinating to see behind the scenes of Australia’s oldest and most recognised battery manufacturer.  Of particular interest to the group was how they are developing stored energy solutions for the future.