12 Sleeps Until the HOP & Learning Teams 3-Day Courses Starts!

⭐ Finish 2019 with a new view on operational performance ⭐ Gain insight into operations, improve work & employee engagement! ⭐ 

03-05 Melbourne  | 10-12 Auckland

The H.O.P Learning Teams course includes a one-day introduction to Human and Organisational Performance (H.O.P Fundamentals) and two days focused on Operational Learning and the Learning Teams method.

This course builds on the work of highly influential thinkers and practitioners including Todd Conklin, Sidney Dekker, Erik Hollnagel, Andrea Baker and Bob Edwards.  Become more interested in learning from your organisation and less surprised by failure!



What Others Have Said About The Course

“Overall, really impressed with the content and organisation.  I gained significant value and look forward to taking on the role of a coach in Learning Teams.”

“Great delivery, kept it interesting and challenged thinking. Most beneficial for challenging the way we think about blame.”



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