Outsourced Assurance

A well-managed quality management system is the key to continual improvement within an organisation and will achieve increasing levels of customer satisfaction. To ensure organisations get the most from their quality management system, Southpac International offers a comprehensive range of value-adding outsourcing services.

All our solutions can be tailored to suit individual business needs with the aim of quality improvement of the management system, greater control by management and the regular maintenance and upkeep of the system to ensure maximum benefits.

QA Health Check Solutions

How is your QMS working? Are you experiencing benefits from your management system? Are there procedures or processes that need to be reworked? From time to time it may be necessary to engage a third party to run through your system, compare it to the standard and ensure that the systems in place still suit your organisation and the goals you have in place. Our consultants can then put together a plan to ensure you continue to benefit from your systems.

External Audits

Rather than waiting for your annual certification audit to find out where the gaps and non-conformance may be, allow us to audit your system – or even a part of your system – and put together a report that you can work through to ensure you’re ready for the next certification audit with no surprises.

Opportunity for Improvement

After an audit there are generally Opportunities for Improvement raised. Maybe you have received several opportunities for improvement from customer feedback or staff suggestions. We can work alongside you and consult on the best options for implementing these changes. Our process improvements are aimed at the continual growth of your management system.

Who we work with

Southpac works along with Easternwell - Drilling, Well Servicing And Remote Camp Management Specialists
Southpac International works along with chevron Australia
Southpac International works along with Urban Utilities
Southpac International works along with CHEP - A Brambles Company
Southpac International helps organisations to enhance engagement and improve through Human & Organisational Performance, Management Systems and Leadership.

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