Systems Lead Auditor Training Course

Systems Lead Auditor Training Course

$2595 (GST Exempt) 5-Day Course
Available in-house and on a public basis

Far and away our most popular course, the systems lead auditor training course has been specifically designed to cater to personnel from all levels of an organisation. The aim of our auditor training is to the equip participants with the knowledge and skills they need to manage and support the quality and safety assurance programs run by their organisation.

This 5-day systems lead auditor training course can be held in-house, for companies with six or more people needing to be trained. To meet the many and various training needs of the clients we work with, Southpac can tailor all training solutions to meet your specific needs and can run our in-house courses at your office or facilities anywhere in the country.

Public course dates will be listed on the ‘course dates’ page of this website.


This course is certified by Exemplar Global and, as a Nationally Recognised course, forms part of the Diploma of Quality Auditing.


Southpac International's Systems Lead Auditor Training Course is a Nationally Recognised course & forms part of the Diploma of Quality Auditing.
Southpac International's 5-day Systems Lead Auditor training course is certified by Exemplar Global.


Our Internationally Certified 5-day training program has been specially designed for those directly involved in all aspects of Quality Management Systems, including implementation, maintenance, improvement and monitoring. A vital feature of this quality and audit training course is the application of ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Systems requirements, making it essential training for all levels of management.

What makes learning with us different?

  • Hands-on learning
  • Includes a live on-site audit. This puts into action the knowledge acquired with us
  • We use a common-sense approach to learning
  • The program has been developed keeping real and achievable business goals in mind
  • Improvement-focused training
  • Provides half of the units required for the Diploma of Quality Auditing 
  • Lead auditor courses can be tailored to your own business and operational requirements
  • Our trainers all have extensive experience not only as trainers and auditors but also as auditors and management consultants


Certified by Exemplar Global and as a Nationally Recognised course, the lead auditor training course forms part of the Diploma of Quality Auditing. After the successful completion of the program and all assessments, you will receive:

Exemplar Global -AU: Management systems auditing
Exemplar Global -QM: Auditing quality management systems
Exemplar Global -TL: Leading management system audit teams

BSBAUD501B Initiate a quality audit
BSBAUD503B Lead a quality audit
BSBAUD504B Report on a quality audit
BSBAUD402B Participate in a quality audit

Participants will have the option to apply to Exemplar Global for certification as a provisional auditor. For further information see the Exemplar Global website.


During our lead auditor courses we cover:


  • Systems Management and how it works
  • Learning about ISO element and the International Standard for Quality
  • Quality documentation and processes control
  • Quality Vs Safety Vs Environment

Planning and Preparing an Audit:

  • Introduction to the audit process, planning and scheduling
  • Review of the audit process and team selection
  • Document review and preparation of audit
  • Resources needed for an effective audit

On-site Audit and Follow Up

  • The four vital stages of an on-site audit
  • Interview techniques and interpersonal skills
  • Preparing accurate and practical audit feedback
  • Reporting and follow-up

Practical Exercise

  • Preparation for the practical audit
  • Preparation of checklists and working documents
  • Team briefing
  • On-site practical audit

Risk Management & Safety

  • Audit report writing – follow up of practical audit
  • Learning from disasters
  • Learning from failure and success
  • H.O.P and auditing


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