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How can HOP help you in 2022?

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How can HOP help you in 2022? Whether you're new to HOP or already implementing the principles, now is the time to shift the safety paradigm. Every organisation has a different approach to how HOP is accepted and adopted. Sometimes the seed of interest sprouts within the senior leadership team, or maybe it has been sparked by a near-miss or event. No matter how that interest grows and develops, every organisation can benefit from understanding that it is people – not programs – who make work safe. Here are some ways [...]

Getting started with Learning Teams

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Getting started with Learning Teams So you've heard about Learning Teams and want to bring the benefits of Operational Learning into your organisation. But it's not as simple as asking a group of people to talk about how work happens. Here's what you need to introduce Learning Teams successfully. Learning Teams are a valuable method of Operational Learning if they are run with the proper planning, support and purpose. In fact, incorporating Learning Teams without a foundation built on HOP principles could do your organisation more harm than good. While the idea [...]

How CHEP have adopted HOP to improve safety and performance

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How CHEP have adopted HOP to improve safety, engagement and how work is done Global supply chain company, CHEP, started implementing Human and Organisational Performance (HOP) with a pilot in Queensland in 2019. Since then, the organisation has embraced HOP and Learning Teams throughout their APAC operations, and the results have been astounding. Despite the challenges of 2020, CHEP’s focus on using the HOP principles within their facilities didn't stop – especially to ensure valuable conversations continued – and it showed in the strength of their year-on-year results. HOP is weaved throughout [...]

Southpac delivers ‘paradigm-changing’ virtual HOP training for ABB

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Southpac delivers 'paradigm-changing' HOP training for ABB Our HOP team recently delivered Human & Organisational Performance training to a cross-section of business leaders across the Asia-Pacific region of global technology leaders, ABB. Southpac International facilitated virtual HOP training with close to 20 safety professionals from ABB, initiating the first step in a local area HOP Pilot for the global group. Operating in over 100 countries, ABB is a leading technology provider, transforming society and industry through the fields of electrification, process automation, motion and robotics. ABB sought out Southpac International in [...]

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