Investigators Course

Safety Investigators Course

Investigating Occurrences and Learning

Available in-house by arrangement or publicly

Course Overview

A vital and key part of any system is an effective program of investigation. When properly investigated and analysed an incident or occurrence can have the potential to facilitate proactive improvements to the quality, safety and or efficiency of a process and the organisation more widely. Incidents and occurences should be viewed as free lessons and could prevent the occurrence of more serious incidents or accidents in the future.

The Southpac International safety investigators course has been designed to help participants take a holistic view utilising “systems thinking” when conducting investigations.  The course will be especially valuable for those involved with the management, support and investigation and analysis of occurrences including incidents, occurrences and accidents. This includes management at all levels and safety and quality assurance personnel. Course participants will learn the practical skills required to investigate and analyse operational incidents with a view to developing improvements within their organisation.

Recognition of Training

This course forms part of the Southpac Diploma of Leadership and Management and/or the Diploma of Quality Auditing. Upon successful completion of this course, including all assessments, participants will receive a statement of attainment including:



BSBWHS505 Investigate WHS incidents

Participants will also receive a Southpac International endorsed Safety Investigators Course certificate.

Who Should Attend?

  • Management at all levels
  • Safety Managers
  • Safety Assurance Officers
  • Safety Investigators
  • WHS Officers
  • Anyone involved in the support and management of an investigation program

Course Program

Course Introduction

  • Management systems & safety fundamentals
  • Systems thinking & new approaches
  • Initial actions
  • Investigation process
  • Occurrence definitions
  • Initial reporting

Gathering Information

  • Information sources
  • Interviewing

Analysis & Learning

  • Findings
  • Contributing factors
  • Occurrence sequence
  • Defences

Reporting & Follow-up

  • Writing the report
  • Safety outcomes
  • Achieving improvement

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