Welcome Andy White – Our new H.O.P Coach

Andy White | Southpac International HOP Coach and Senior Consultant.

Andy White | Southpac International H.O.P Coach and Senior Consultant.

Southpac International is proud to advise that Andy White has joined us as a H.O.P coach and senior consultant.  Andy is an accomplished safety leader, Civil Engineer, Antarctican and postgraduate at Griffith University’s Safety Science and Innovation Laboratory. Andy’s wealth of experience in business improvement, training, and leadership, has been instrumental in the growth of many international organisations, whilst his use of dialogic approaches to transformational change reflect the future of human and organisational performance excellence.  

We are incredibly excited to have Andy White working with us.  He will be an integral part of developing and supporting New Zealand’s growing interest in the benefits that human and organisational performance [H.O.P] brings to organisations” said Andy Shone, CEO at Southpac Group. 

Andy White will be based in Christchurch and has already been invited to present at several high profile events across New Zealand.  Beginning later this month with the 2018 Safeguard National Health & Safety Conference in which he will be sharing his insights into the power of dialogic coaching.  


Having worked in a number of exciting, diverse and dynamic environments, I’m fascinated by stories of personal accomplishment in the face of adversity, difficulty and frustration; from the resilience of Antarctic researchers in complex and hostile conditions to the agility and resourcefulness of construction teams”

We are supported each day by the innovative, adaptive and resilient acts of well-intentioned and hardworking people.  It is our ethical responsibility to better understand their world.  In doing so, we support them to achieve success in all aspects of human and organisational performance.” 

There is growing excitement and enthusiasm amongst leading New Zealand businesses who are increasingly recognising the value and expertise of their people in all aspects of organisational performance. It’s imperative for organisations to understand how to develop resilience from within, by incorporating improvements that work on a response philosophy of proactive, engaged learning teams.  I see New Zealand business really adopting this philosophy strongly” said Andy White. 

We are very excited by this new appointment and look forward to raising the bar on New Zealand’s business management standards through the engagement of the H.O.P philosophy.


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