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H.O.P Round Table Discussion | Part 5


H.O.P Round Table Discussion | Part 5. SUMMARISED SHOW NOTES | PART 5Perspectives on the five H.O.P principlesAB: There is a point of no return isn’t there?AB: None recoverable error that within a process, not always but you can find in some processes a defined point where you can no longer recover from error fast enough. Things are happening too fast. Once you jump out of the plane… but there is also and equally as important where you would not know where that point is. It starts to occur organically. Because of other [...]

H.O.P Round Table Discussion | Part 4.


H.O.P Round Table Discussion | Part 4. SUMMARISED SHOW NOTES | PART 4Perspectives on the five H.O.P principlesAB: One of the quotes that I like from Todd [Conklin] is caused by error, and not following procedure is like saying like saying an object fell due to gravity. While it’s true, it just doesn’t tell us very much. [Sometimes] people get confused and say, “You are condoning that people are not following procedures.” No, the idea is that it is normal [to have error] and if you are not surprised by it, then you [...]

H.O.P Round Table Discussion | Part 2.


H.O.P Round Table Discussion | Part 2. SUMMARISED SHOW NOTES | PART 2 Perspectives on the five H.O.P principles What Is An Operating Philosophy And What Does That Look Like? AB: If we had to break it down, there are five principles or beliefs and sure you can organise it in different ways. Error is first, error is normal. Second one is blame fixes nothing. MY: It feels good. There’s a unique kind of production pressure when there has been a mishap. production pressure happen snot matter what we do. But [...]

H.O.P Round Table Discussion | Part 1.


H.O.P Round Table Discussion | Part 1. SUMMARISED SHOW NOTES. What is H.O.P? AB: Lets start with a combination of behavioural psychology and designing systems / the socio-technical interface and understanding how people exist in the same system as mechanical things with all the information that we need to best work within that system while working within the confines and amazing adaptations and abilities of humans. So H.O.P is learning how best that can all work together and optimise how we function. What is H.O.P like? What can we compare it [...]

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